But ... what is upcycling?

Nothing new … if you have already cut a skirt or narrowed some pants to give them style, you have already done upcycling!

They are garments that have been updated from others, giving a second chance to materials, such as leather in our jackets and skirts.We reinvent the product by changing it from its original use.

Better than recyle !!

Recycling consists of recovering the material from various products and then creating a new raw material. To do this, you need to consume energy to transform the materials.

In upcycling, we add more value to the object without degrading the material. The updated product, through its new use and consumption, brings greater satisfaction. 

By reusing existing elements, we slow down the production of new products and their environmental impacts: use of pesticides, excessive consumption of water, chemical treatments, pollution linked to transport, etc.

By making a garment last we contribute to sustainable fashion as opposed to fast fashion driven disposable fashion.

Una prenda upcycled utiliza materiales reciclados

In silé you could find such products as:

Recycled suede skirts are unique pieces, made in France, that we love for giving that sixties air to our outfit.

Discover the variety of colors that we present on the web.

mini falda sesentera de ante
la mejor perfecto es la combincaion de 100% piel reciclado

The Perfecto recycled leather jackets allow us to create on-trend garments with current tastes at the same time that we recycle leather from other garments that havebeen rejected or leftover leather from third party patterns oriented to other products.

The Perfecto, a timeless garment, can be associated with both rock looks and romantic styles. It all depends on how we are going to combine it.

Have you ever heard of kimono bags? Upcycled silk accessories that allow you to give that personalized touch to your image, depending on the color and size you choose.

tela de seda para tus bolsos es posible y ademas reciclada de antiguos kimonos
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