About Silé

Behind sié, a quesion:

How could we be ecologically responsible when we enjoy fashion yet don’t forget fahion is one of the leading polluting industries?

Vintage fashion brings an answer to the necesity of not to produce new garments and at the same time create a retro-nostalgic style that
never getls old. Whith this thoughts borns ‘silé’

We want sustentable, unique, and stylish cloth to be as easy and atractive to wear as any other garment for every person around europe.

Inspired by our years living in Paris and for that french’s ‘savoir faire’ fashion, we are plassed to pressent a French pamper timeless collection. As if we came back from Paris with our suitcase filled with iconic “friperies” garments.

We believe fashion does not have to be a synonim of “fast fashion”. By buying second hand cloth we reduce the environmental impact in a planet with limited resouces.

Increasingly, people reconsider their way to consume and start consuming in responsible way. Wanna join us in “Silé”?

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